Casa da Pomba News Bulletin

(House of the Dove)


September 18, 2019


Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display Opens:

The 37th Grand Opening of Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display at the House of the Dove is set for Saturday November 30th at 6:30 p.m.  Folks will gather in the closed street in front of Deacon Dave’s House of the Dove, 352 Hillcrest Ave., Livermore.  The Mayor of Livermore will be on hand to greet our many visitors on this night.  We suggest you bring a flashlight as the display will be darkened until the Opening Ceremonies.  The Colorful Christmas procession will begin at the top of Hillcrest Ave. at Fordham Way and proceed down Hillcrest Ave. to the House of the Dove.  The following streets will be stopped at Hillcrest until the procession passes:  Fordham Way, Santa Clara Way, Pomona Way and Compton Ct.


St. Michael Roman Catholic Church combined three choirs and Trinity Baptist Choir will again be singing in the Christmas Season.


2019 Christmas Display Theme:

The Theme Is Top Secret until announced at the opening ceremonies.


When does the Building of the Display Start?

Usually on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. However, this year we started two months earlier off site to work on some special features for the 2019 Christmas Display. 



2019 Christmas Light Display will be dedicated to the founding families of Livermore and those today who keep the Livermore Heritage and Traditions alive.

Deacon Dave Salutes the early families who settled in Livermore and built a strong foundation that the City of Livermore is built upon.  We Salute the current families who continue to build a better City for a Legacy for those to come.  Each light is a prayer for our Founders, and the Families who today foster a united spirit of working together for the overall betterment of Livermore and surrounding areas.  For those who work tirelessly to protect our Ranch, Farmland and the Vineyards.  Our prayers go out to those who are thinking of our future and plan to leave a Golden Legacy.


Last Year’s light Count:

610,260 lights, 34,400 than 2017





Rumors and more rumors:

It amazes the Deacon and those who volunteer nightly at the Christmas Display who hear the statement “So this is Deacon Dave’s last year.”  Wow!  We here this every year for the past four or five years.  Actually, we heard this at least 2 dozen times or more at last year’s display. 

THE RUMORS ARE FALSE!  If and when there is a last year, it will be posted on Deacon Dave’s Website.  You can help correct the rumors.


Famous Proposal Bridge:

The 2018 Christmas Display ended with a new total of Proposals.  There have been 71 marriage proposals on the Famous Proposal Bridge over the past 36 years.  Keeping in mind that the first 10 years or so the Bridge did not exist.  The Tradition began by a young man dropping to his knees and shocking his girlfriend by opening a ring box and proposing to her.  So, the tradition continues.  Some years there were no proposals, most years there are one or more.  2018 we had 4 proposals that we know of.  Has anyone turned down the proposal?  Yes, one two years ago.  With both sides of the families to watch, and with shock as she said no!  Hmmm and after going together for 7 years.  Well folks that ended that relationship.  But again, only one NO in so many years?  The Odds are Favorable!


What is the best night to walk thru the Display?

To avoid long lines the best nights are Monday and Tuesday.


State of the Art Security System 24/7 (365 day of the year):

100 Security Cameras cover the entire property, grounds, buildings and residence.  This is not only to protect property but also the many visitors.  Some of the Security Cameras will be in full view, most will not be seen.  If the power ever goes out, backup batteries will power the security system for days.  If someone does not want to be on camera and be recorded, or is camera shy, the House of the Dove is not the place to visit.


Christmas Display is a NON-SMOKING SITE.  THANK YOU.  We do reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.


Is there an Entry Fee to go into the Display?

There is NO Entry Fee.  Those who wish may make a donation.  There is a donation box at the door of the residence.  The Deacon uses the money to assist in his Charity Ministry to people of all faiths.


What Faith is Deacon Dave?

Every year we are asked if Deacon Dave is a real Deacon.  The Answer is yes!  Rev. Deacon was ordained a permanent deacon of the Roman Catholic Church on December 4th, 1982.  For 23 years Deacon Dave was the Bishop’s representative and Director of Deacons for the Diocese of Oakland.  Rev. Deacon retired from that position December of 2017.   He was appointed temporary Administrator of St. Michael Church for 8 months until a new pastor was appointed by the bishop.  He has been one of the clergymen at St. Michael Church here in Livermore for the past 37 years.  He has NOT retired from that position.  Deacon Dave is a 4th generation of Livermore.  His Great Grandfather and Grandmother were members of St. Michael Church.  His Great Grandparents had a large ranch on North Livermore Ave., then known as Beck Road.  Deacon Grandfather and Grandmother also had ranches on Beck Road.  Deacon Dave will be the first to tell you that his heart and sole are in Livermore.  St. Michael Church and the parishioners are his love.  One of Deacon Dave’s Ministries is to the Ranchers and Farmers.  He has a special affection for the Livermore Stockman’s Rodeo Association and its members.


Historical Note:  Deacons, Priests and Bishops are the three Holy Orders in the Catholic Church.



Invitation to join the 2019 Christmas Display Team:

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Christmas Team.  We can use help in the follow areas:  Construction, Electrical, Painting, Stapling Garland & Lights on the Buildings, & Decorating. We can always use help moving props.  To join the Christmas Team, you are invited to contact Jeanie Haigh, a member of the Planning Team.  Contact can be found on this web site.


Rainy Nights or High Wind:

The Display is closed on Stormy nights.  The display is closed on High Wind nights also for the safety of our visitors.  It is advisable to contact the Website before visiting on a Rainy or Windy night.


Deacon Dave’s Private Home:

The front yard is open to the general public during the posted hours.  The Rev. Deacon’s Residence is NOT OPEN to the public.  Viewing into the home can be seen from the many decorated window displays.  At times the Deacon has special invited guests such as St. Michael Church Staff and other groups.  When looking in the Window, give them a joyful wave of the hand.


Red Hats-Jackets:

Everyone who volunteers receives the special Red Cap with the emblem of the dove on the front of the hat. Volunteers who have volunteered 3 years are awarded the Red House of the Dove Jacket.  Anyone wearing a red cap or wearing the House of the Dove Red jacket can assist visitors, give directions and provide security. 

Deacon is very grateful for the volunteers who come from all faiths for their dedication and commitment to give the community the Spirit of Christmas and Hanukah in the Holy Season of Light and Peace. 


Security Eye Patrol, Inc.

We are grateful for Security Eye Patrol, Inc. for providing nightly security of the display.  Thank you for your service.


Casa da Pomba (House of the Dove)

Casa da Pomba is Portuguese translated is “House of the Dove.”  The year of Deacon Dave’s ordination he dedicated his home and grounds to the Holy Spirit.  The private Chapel on the Grounds is named “Chapel of the Holy Spirit.”  One of the Christian Symbols of the Holy Spirit is the Dove.  There is a dove in every room of the residence in Art, Woodcarving, porcelain, paintings, Crystal, China and more.  There are over 90 live doves of 6 different breeds in the back aviaries. 

The Deacon is proud of his Portuguese Heritage with all side of his family history from the Portuguese Azores.


Las Vegas Meets the Vatican:

A bit of humor:  A reporter some years ago in a news article about the display said “Deacon Dave’s Christmas Lights is where Las Vegas meets the Vatican.”

Take No Offence: 

Society is so focused on not offending anyone so they promote “Happy Holidays.”  Here at the House of the Dove and the Christmas Display we say “Merry Christmas” or to our Jewish friends “Happy Hanukah.”  We do not Tip toe around the Reason for the Season.  We are not ashamed to say “God Bless America.”  In the Spirit of Light and Peace we wish all who walk thru the gates of the House of the Dove and Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display a Holy joyful Season filled with Love.


More LED lights added to the Light Display:

Yes, LED Christmas Lights do lower the P.G. & E. Bill.  Each year we add slightly more lights to the display.  Over the years we have been making an effort to replace the old-style light with LED.  Currently the Display is a about 95 % LED.   Each year we get questions “does P.G.& E. give Deacon Dave a price discount?”  ANSWER:  No.  We do however appreciate that they donate the use of a P.G. & E. Flatbed Truck for opening night as a stage for the opening ceremonies.


Deacon Dave is alive! The fate of his demise is overstated.

While at Wells Fargo Bank, someone recognized Deacon Dave as one of the deacons at St. Michael Church and not Deacon Dave.  The lady, approached Deacon Dave and said “ I am so happy that they are doing the Christmas Display one last time in memory of the late Deacon Dave. It is so sad that he passed away 6 months ago.”  Deacon Dave did not give away his identity, but said “you have the wrong information.  Deacon Dave is very much alive and well, why I just saw him this morning.  He and his Team are already working on the display.”  Rev. Deacon did not tell the lady who he was. The bank teller had to hide her face from laughing as she overheard the exchange of conversation.


Good News Bears:

We support Good News Bears organization in collecting new stuffed Teddy Bears and assorted animals for gifts to children by First Responders of victims of Tragedy.  For more information on joining this organization, contact Jeanie Haigh whose contact info is located on this website.


Santa’s Secret Service:

Deacon Dave is the Secretary General of Santa’s Secret Service.  The Gift giving organization is celebrating its 60th Anniversary This December 2019.  This is another one of Deacon’s Ministries.  Wrapped Gifts are solicited by the deacon and the gifts are delivered to Hospitals, Vets Home in Livermore, Youth Group Homes, Care Centers, Shut-ins, Homeless, Elderly Care Centers, Infirmary of the Holy Family Sisters Mission San Jose, Infirmary of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Knights of Columbus Gift Basket Program, Homeless Shelter of Livermore, Children’s Homes and many more.  We Thank our benefactors and those who donate to this wonderful ministry.