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July 28, 2014

Christmas Display Opening Date:
Deacon Dave’s House of the Dove  32nd Annual Christmas Display will open December 5th at 6:30 p.m.  the first Friday in December.  The very colorful Christmas Procession will come down Hillcrest Ave. from Fordham Way to the House of the Dove where the opening ceremonies will take place.  The Christmas Display will close Thursday January 1st. New Years Night at 9 p.m.

Display Construction Begins:
Construction of the Buildings will begin Labor Day Weekend, Saturday August 30th.

Drought Conditions at House of the Dove Gardens:
The Cresta Blanca Water Fall and Creek in the Front Gardens has been turned off and emptied.  Five Fountains throughout the over half acre of gardens are empty and off for the summer.  The St. Francis Falls and the Portuguese Falls and Creeks are off for the summer.  Garden automatic sprinklers in the front gardens have been set at City of Livermore Recommended twice a week only settings and at night.  Back Gardens automatic sprinklers have been turned off.  This is the first time every that such drastic measure has been taken. 

The Koi Pond will be refurbished and coated with a special coating to stop leaks.  This process will take place in the front creek as well.  The Koi fish and Turtles will have to be removed while the Pond is being worked on.

Priority is given to the many birds in the meditation gardens of the House of the Dove.  Six vanities of Dove, Pigeons, Ducks, Chickens, Quail, Finch and a Turkey Hen, named Cranberry all need water.  The Birds were grandfathered in when the property was annexed to the City Limits of Livermore.  Deacon Dave asks for prayers for Rain. 

Invitation to join 2014 Christmas Team:
We are always looking for volunteers to join the Christmas Team.  This is the area that we need help:  Construction, Painting, Stapling Garland and Lights on the Buildings, Decorating, and Electrical.  We can use help moving props from the prop building.  To join the Christmas Team, contact Jeanie Haigh on this web site.

LED Lights Do Lower Costs:
The Deacon plans on adding LED Christmas Lights again this year.  Last year the PG&E Bill was reduced by $1500.00.  No, PG&E does not give us a price break.  No, Deacon will not tell you what his bill was for 2013.  Trust us, it was a whopper.

What is the best night to walk thru the Display?
This question is always asked by persons who want to avoid waiting in long lines.  The best nights are Monday and Tuesday.

Proposal Bridge:
The now famous Proposal Bridge under the Christmas Lights now numbers 57 Wedding Proposals.  Only one recorded in 2013 that we know of.  Will there be any in 2014?  We will just have to wait and see.  Has anyone ever refused the ring?  Yes, one that we know of.

Thank you from Deacon Dave:
The Deacon sends his blessing and appreciation to those who donated coins in the coin toss and tossed coins into the water ponds.  This 2013 money will help in Christmas Gifts to the Vets Home, Care Centers, Shut-Ins, Homes for battered and abused, Group Homes, Infirmaries of the Holy Family Sisters, and Dominican Sisters in Mission San Jose and San Rafael.

Thirty-one P years of Christmas Displays each with a different theme:
1982- Christmas
1983- Garden of Lights
1984-Oh Holy Night
1985-Santa’s Village
1986-Santa’s Product Testing Center
1987-Santa’s Ranch
1988-Bethlehem City of David
1989-All Aboard Santa’s Christmas Express
1990-Land of the Giant Candy Canes
1991-Christmas Dreams
1992-Making a List
1993-Twas the Night Before Christmas
1994-The North Pole
1995-A Story Book Christmas
1996-Christmas Around the World
1997-Santa’s Workshop
1998-Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol
1999-Hark the Herald Angels Sing
2000-North Pole Celebrates Christmas 2000
2002-Ice Castle
2003-Reindeer Flight Training School
2004-Victorian Christmas
2005-North Pole Bakeries and Shoppes
2006-Santa’s International Visitor’s Center
2007-Silver Bell’s of Christmas
2008-North Pole Factories
2009-Christmas is……
2010-The Sounds of Christmas
2011-Do You Believe
2012-Elf Land
2013-Santa’s Castle
2014-????? 32nd year Theme Secret until Opening Night????

Cranberry the Baby Turkey Hen:
If you see Deacon Dave walking around with a Baby Turkey following him it is only Cranberry the Turkey.  She is quite the pet and NO Cranberry is not going to be dinner for Thanksgiving!  Hopefully the pet will live a very long life. 

Upgraded Security System installed:
An upgraded Security System has been installed at the House of the Dove.  Up to 100 Security Cameras can be installed to protect the property.  The New system has back-up battery power should the power go out.  Some of the Security Cameras will be in view; others will not be noticeable to the public.  The system will cover the entire house and gardens front and back.  Video Recording will be continuous and have the ability to view recordings or print photos.  Signs are posted to inform the public that Video Recording is taking place.  Deacon stated that now-days everywhere you go you are being recorded.

St. Michael Choir and the Nigerian Nebo Choir of the Bay Area:
These two Choirs were such a hit last year at opening night ceremonies that they have been invited back for the 2014 Opening Night Ceremonies.

Good News Bears:
This Valley Wide Charitable organization will provide refreshments for the opening night ceremonies.  The Good News Bears are always looking for new members.  If interested Contact Jeanie Haigh.  Her number is located on this web site. 

Record Crowds Last at Last Years Christmas Display:
The 2013 Christmas Display holds the Record for Attendance.  50,000 people walked thru the Display.  This is attributed to the media and various search methods that folks use on their computers. 


December 2, 2013


Christmas Display Hours


Record Crowd for Grand Opening Night:
Saturday Night November 30th at 6:30 p.m. the colorful Christmas Procession walked down Hillcrest Ave. to one of the largest crowds for an opening night.  St. Michael Choir and The African Choir of the Bay Area provided the Christmas music.  Brass horns awaited the procession to join in on the music.


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