Christmas Blessing – 2018

36th year of Deacon Dave’s Display


Loving God and Father, creator and fount of all blessing and graces.

You sent the heavenly Choir of Angels

To poor shepherds tending sheep in the fields at night

 to announce the birth of Jesus.


A star led the 3 Kings to the Christ Child.

We are all called to be simple like the shepherds and wise like the Magi.


 We celebrate Christmas 2018 with our prayer of thanks for those who

volunteer on this Christmas Display at the House of the Dove,

and for those who give of themselves by volunteering in our churches,

communities, and various non-profit agencies

that help make a difference in our world.


We salute all volunteers and ask God to send special blessings upon them.

Each light at the House of the Dove is dedicated as a prayer

for all volunteers throughout the world.


Let us pray:  May the blessing of Christmas be upon all

volunteers & visitors who walk thru the Christmas Display.

 May the lights illuminate you heart and soul.

May the Holy Spirit comfort you and give you radiant light

 as you ponder the Child “Away in the Manager.”


May Almighty God bless you, In the name of the Father, and of the Son,

And of the Holy Spirit.



Rev. Deacon Dave Rezendes

Roman Catholic Clergyman

Ordained Dec. 4, 1982

36th Anniversary