House of the Dove


Casa del Pomba

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News Bulletin


November 3, 2017


2017 Deacon Dave’s 35th Annual Christmas Display:

Grand Opening Night is Friday Night December 1st.  Display opens this night at 6:30 p.m. with a colorful Christmas Procession down Hillcrest Ave from Fordham Way.  Opening Ceremonies follow.  Hillcrest Ave. to be closed between Compton Ct. and Pomona way, after the procession passes Pomona.  Attendees will gather in the street in front of Deacon Dave’s Home, 352 Hillcrest Ave.  The Display will be dark (lights out) until the opening ceremonies. This is a great way to begin the Advent/Christmas Season.


Hours of the Display:

 Friday & Saturday:  6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Sunday thru Thursday:  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Christmas Eve:  6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Christmas Night:  6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


December 26th to January 1st:  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


New Year’s Eve:  Gates close at 8:00 p.m.  Lights remain on until midnight.


LAST NIGHT OF THE DISPLAY:  New Year’s Day.  We close at 9:00 p.m.



Deacon Dave’s 35th Anniversary of Ordination as a Roman Catholic Deacon:

A celebration of Deacon Dave’s 35th Anniversary will take place at St. Michael Church, 4thand Maple Street, Saturday December 2nd at the regular 5 p.m. Vigil Mass.  A reception will follow in the remodeled St. Michael Hall.  This will be the first event in the Hall in over a year and a half.  There will be a ribbon cutting before entry for the Grand Opening of the Hall.  All are invited to attend the Celebration.


The Rev. Deacon is a fourth generation Livermore resident.  His Great Grandparents and Grandparents were ranchers in Livermore.  Deacon’s Mother, the matriarch of the family, celebrated her 94th birthday this year.


Deacon Dave to celebrate his retirement as the Bishop’s Representative & Director of Deacon Personnel (Director of Deacons):

NO!  Deacon Dave is NOT retiring from active ministry at St. Michael Parish.  YES! Deacon Dave is retiring from the Diocese Position as Director of the Office of the Diaconate.  After 22 years & 7 months, the Deacon will retire December 31st.

Bishop Michael Barber has appointed Deacon Tim Moore from Transfiguration Parish in Castro Valley to succeed Deacon Dave. 


Deacon Dave will also celebrate the Diocese Office retirement at the Anniversary Mass at St. Michael Church on December 2nd.  We have the making for a wonderful celebration.  Again, the Deacon will NOT BE RETIRING FROM MINISTRY AT ST. MICHAEL PARISH.



85% of the Christmas lights this year will be LED Christmas Lights.  This year’s Light Count will exceed last years.  This year each light will be dedicated as a prayer for police, fire and all first responders to crisis and emergencies. 



THE TOP SECRET THEME, will not be announced until the opening ceremonies on Friday December 1st.  As in the past, the Theme is kept secret until the opening night.



Deacon Dave is clear on this issue.  It is very close to his heart.  All his Christmas team members agree with him.  We at the House of the Dove are not afraid to say “God Bless America!”  We Support the United States Military Services and we Support our Veterans.  We stand for the National Anthem and refuse to politicalize the National Anthem.  Deacon Dave served in the U.S. Army.


Don’t be shy.  You are on camera:

Casa del Pomba (House of the Dove) Christmas Team welcome all visitors to the Christmas Display.  We do reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.  Year around security cameras seen and unseen, cover the entire 2/3rds acre.  The meditation gardens buildings and Christmas Display.  Yes, you are on camera.  This for your safety and that of the display and property.  We even have our own back- up generators should the power to out.  Security Cameras run 24/7 and have night vision. We hope all our visitors enjoy the hospitality of Deacon Dave and his Christmas Team, we want our visitors to feel safe. 


Proposal Bridge under the Christmas Lights:

To date there have been over 65 marriage proposals on Proposal Bridge under the Christmas Lights.  That’s how the Bridge got the name.  The Bridge has become famous over the years and many photos are taken on the bridge.


House of the Dove Christmas Team:

You can spot a House of the Dove Christmas Team Member.  They wear the Red Baseball Cap with the emblem of the White Dove on the front of the Cap.  Team Members who have volunteered 3 years are awarded the Red with White Lettering House of the Dove Jacket.  These Team Members welcome guests, answer questions, control lines, act as safety volunteers, and assist in security during display hours.  They observe and report problems to the Livermore Police as needed.  Have any questions about the display?  I bet that they have the answer or if they don’t will find the answer.


Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors:

Every year we hear that this is going to be the last year Deacon Dave will be doing the Christmas Displays. The Deacon and Christmas Team has no intention of ending the Christmas Display in the foreseeable future.  We laugh when we hear the rumors each and every year.  If you hear the rumor, you can tell your friends with authority “The Rumor is FALSE!”

Speaking of Rumors: Is it true that there is a Chapel on the grounds of the House of the Dove?

Yes, The Deacon has a private Chapel on site.  The beautiful Chapel of the Holy Spirit is located in the Meditation Gardens.  The Chapel is not open to the general public.


House of the Dove Christmas Planning Team:

The Christmas Planning Team is a Major help to Deacon.  The Planning Team Members are:  Deacon Dave, David and Jeanie Haigh, Rod and Jackie Hollister, Keith and Michelle Jess and Russ Duguid.


Additional Christmas Team Members include, volunteer carpenters, decorators, painters, garland staplers, prop dept. members, costumes, Christmas Light Crew,

And much, much more.  You can be a part of the 2018 next year’s crew by going to and searching for contact of Jeanie Haigh, volunteer coordinator.  We would love to have you join the crew.  That is one way to get into the Spirit of Christmas.


Santa’s Secret Service 58th Year:

One of Deacon Dave’s favorite charities is “Santa’s Secret Service”. Operation out of St. Michael Church for the past 58 years, the organization provides Christmas Gifts to: U. S. Veterans Care Home in Livermore, Pleasanton Convalescent, Kindred Nursing and Healthcare, Good Shepherd Homes #1, 2 & 3.  St. Martin Dominican Sisters Infirmary,  Holy Family Sisters Infirmary, Our Lady of Lourdes Dominican Sisters Infirmary (many of those sisters taught at St. Michael School in Livermore.  Silver Oaks Care, Tiffany Gardens, New Haven Care #1,2,3,4, & 5.  Livermore Valley Senior Living, Bethany Home #1 & 2. Home of Our Own, Quail Gardens, Homeless, Poor, Shut-Ins and more.  The Coins from the Coin Toss at Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display Helps purchase Christmas Gifts for many of the above locations in addition to the hundreds of people who donate wrapped Christmas Gifts.  The Gifts are given to people of all faiths.

Holy Spirit Chapel:

Holy Spirit Chapel is located in Deacon Dave’s Meditation Gardens.  The Chapel was blessed by Bishop Vigneron of the Diocese of Oakland,  Bishop Vigneron is now the Archbishop of Detroit.  The Chapel Chimes play at noon and 6 p.m.  During the Christmas Season the Christmas Chimes ring out Christmas Bells at 6 & 7:30 p.m.


Deacon Dave’s Home:

There have been countless questions over the many years as to how many inside Christmas Trees the Deacon has?  Deacon has 43 or more Christmas Trees in the home.  The tallest tree is 23.5 feet tall and has 1000 Christmas Ornaments.  The third largest Christmas Tree is the Antique 100-year-old bubble light tree that has 750 Christmas Ornaments from Deacon’s Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and his own ornaments.


Sorry the home is NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  The Deacon has some nights designated for:  Display Team Members and various nights set aside for specially invited groups.


Front of Line Privilege:

Elderly with cane or anyone in a wheelchair should not stand in a line to enter the display on nights that have a line of people.  They should come to the front of the line and a Christmas Display Team Member will assist you in entering the display.  Look for the Team Member Wearing the Red Cap with the White Dove.