House of the Dove


Christmas Blessing - 2017

35th year of Deacon Dave’s Display


Good and Gracious God, we seek the Peace of Christmas

For our lives, towns and cities.


We Celebrate Christmas 2017 with our prayer

For peace and an end to violence.  We bring to the Manger

Our petition for respect and sacredness of life.


We place our sadness and tears at the Manger, for the children,

Teens and adults who lost their lives by gun violence.

We pray for the Holy Innocents.


We ask you O God to bless our first responders,

Police, Fire, EMT’s and all who respond to emergencies.


Each light at the House of the Dove this Christmas Season

Is dedicated as a prayer for the wellbeing and safety of first responders.


May the blessings of Christmas be upon you to help and guide

You through the coming year.  May you share the Peace, Love

And Joy of the Season.


Let us pray, asking God’s Blessing on the 2017

Christmas Display Team.


I humbly ask the Lord our God, to bless those who walk under these

Lights, may their healing light warm your heart and soul.  May the Holy Spirit

Comfort you and give you the radiant light of Christ.


May Almighty God bless you, In the name of the Father, and of the Son,

And of the Holy Spirit.



Rev. Deacon Dave Rezendes

Roman Catholic Clergyman

Ordained Dec. 4, 1982